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Litedogecoin First time User Guide

Litedogecoin Main Foundation Roadmap and info about the coin

What is your plan?

Was there ever pre-mined coins or ICO?

There was never any pre-mine, ico, fair mining Launch: March 16, 2015, 08:15:00 PM UTC till 8000 block to turn on Proof of Stake 2.0

Is staking amount going to remain the same?

Staking is static amount of 500 coins per stake and a static transaction fee of 0.1

Is Litedoge being developed?

There is wallets available for windows, mac, and linux, full staking pool tip bot available in discord team chat also in LDOGE subreddit, telegram, libera IRC. Active development can be follewed in LDOGE/LDOG development discord channel or github commits

Is the coin still going to be lItedoge?

Yes. LiteDoge will always be Litedoge, but can be called LDOGE , also LiteDogecoin, Elll-DOUGH-Geh

How can you make sure that there are no other hidden surprises in the source code?

We are verifying every single line of code, and every single block to ensure that the code is safe and there are no more hidden surprises. We invite everyone to do the same too.

Is the source code available?

Yes, the source code is on GitHub.

Update your wallet to the latest version if possible to

Do you need help?

Yes we do. Whatever your skills are, if you are a developer or someone interested in marketing, or social media, we all can use your expertise. Please head over to our community. Our donation details are also available in the first post here at the bottom of the post.

What is this PoS thing you are talking about?

How does PoS work?

PoS can only be done by an unlocked wallet. In the client it is called ‘Staked Mining’. As soon as you unlock your wallet (there is a difference between encrypted & locked) the stake miner will start. You will start to see coins being moved from your balance to your ‘Stake’ balance. Coins will not be lost. After a while you will start receiving transactions with your earned interest. When You lucky enough to solve a math difficulty equation earn 500 coins and the coins what earned you a stake reset for 8 hours allowing someone else a chance to earn a stake interest.

I have a line called Stake in my wallet?

Stake in a PoS coin is the same as Immature for a PoW coin. Everytime a PoS block is generated some of your coins + the earned interest is move to your Stake balance. It will take 510 confirmations to confirm, after which the Stake amount + interest will be moved back to your balance.

I have a line ‘Staking suspended due to locked wallet’ in my wallet?

You are not PoS mining due to your wallet being locked. To unlock it simply go Settings -> Unlock wallet. Type your passphrase to unlock your wallet!

How to lock my wallet?

Go to your Debug Window and then open the Console.

  • Type in: walletlock
  • Now your wallet is locked and you’ll stop PoS mining.

Do I have to let my wallet open for PoS to generate?

No, you won’t have to keep it open all the time. PoS will be generated after holding your coins for at least 8 hours in the wallet and your coin-days will not be lost during the wallet being locked. As soon as you unlock your wallet the miner will start and if your coins meet certain requirements you will be getting PoS blocks based on your coin-days generated.

Note that you will not generate stake if your wallet is locked, but it will resume once unlocked. Also keeping the wallet open and generating stake secures the network as it will replace PoW mining and is much more energy efficient.

Do I have to wait 1 year for the interest to arrive?

No. You will be eligible for PoS every 8 hours after each stake and after each balance deposit. However, if you move your coins, it will take another 8 hours to make them eligable to mine PoS blocks again, each time coins are moved around.

I’ve kept my wallet open for days and still no stake.

This could happen, PoS works like a lottery and not everyone will receive their interest every hour.

How many coins will there be?

Infinite, there is no cap on supply of LiteDoge

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