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Staking Guide

Staking LDOGE Guide for Beginners

  • Staking – gaining interest for holding a LDOGE balance what equals 500 coins per each stake earned for solving a block on the LDOGE Blockchain what is viewable forever
  • make sure your internet connection is stable throughout the process (unstable internet could cause instability in wallet sync)
  • download LDOGE local wallet
  • visit LDOGE website and download LDOGE installer
  • send LDOGE to local wallet
  • purchase LDOGE at your favorite LDOGE supported exchange or get some free LDOGE by joining the LDOGE DISCORD/ IRC CHANNEL/Telegram channel register your name and then type .faucet
  • Free LDOGE – -howto video use the app
  • withdraw LDOGE to local wallet address from LDOGE_qt
  • always verify that the address is exactly as seen in LDOGE_qt when withdrawing
  • add nodes to LDOGE local wallet
  • open settings > LDOGE conf
  • add nodes found in LDOGE website or discord pinned message
  • wait for sync to LDOGE blockchain network
  • be prepared to wait a while, grab a cup of coffee or let your wallet sync overnight
  • make sure your wallet stays active (do not exit wallet) and unlocked
  • always back up your wallet before closing the wallet
  • You can stake daily any amount after waiting 8 hours and after every stake for that balance what staked has to wait 8 hours to be available for staking. Recommended amount for daily staking at least 1 or a few times a day is 200,000 coins to 1 million coins aka 1,000,000 the proof of stake diff is over 50 million so it takes a lot to stake daily
  • Staking Pools, if you want a better chance at staking use a staking pool at the discord channel, reddit LDOGE subreddit, IRC LDOGE libera channel tip bot you only need 500 coins to start getting a chance to get entry tickets for 50 coin bonus stakes (TIP BOT ONLY FEATURE) or the normal 500 coins LDOGE stake. Also on you can auto stake your LDOGE balance there auto stake gain interest at start of deposit with any amount!